Authorized Expert Bureau & Art Space

Authorized Expert Bureau for Old and Contemporary East Asian Art

Dr. Claudia Delank is publicly appointed and sworn Expert for Old and Contemporary East Asian Art. She was appointed as Certified Expert in 2013 by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Berlin (IHK) for legal, arbitral and private expertises.

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Studies in English literature, Far Eastern history of art, Japanese Studies at the Universities of Tübingen, Cologne (Prof. Dr. Roger Goepper) and Cambridge, 1981 Ph.D. 1982-85 Lecturer at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan. 1986-2011 Lecturer at University of Trier, Cologne, Bonn, FU Berlin und Fine Arts Academy Düsseldorf. She has been leading her own gallery for Japanese and European Art in Bremen, Köln und Berlin from 1996. Author of many publications on Japanese art and Japonisme. 2011 curator of the exhibition „Die Maler des Blauen Reiter und Japan“ in the Schlossmuseum Murnau. 2005 first price of the Society for the Study of Japonisme, Tokyo for her book Das imaginäre Japan in der Kunst. Japanbilder vom Jugendstil bis zum Bauhaus (München 1996, jap. translation Doitssu ni Okeru: Nihon = Zô, Kyoto, 2004). Since 2013 publicly appointed and sworn Expert for Old and Contemporary Far Eastern Art, certified Expert in 2013 by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Berlin (IHK) for legal, arbitral and private expertises, i. e. for the Museum of Asian Art Berlin (2013), the Kulturstiftung der Länder Berlin (2013, 2015), auction houses like Grisebach Berlin (2016), Auctionata (2016), various insurances and expertises for courts in Germany (2014-16) and expertise for private collectors (2013-17). Since 2016 she has been representing Oxford Authentication Ltd. in Berlin for Germany and Central Europe and she is authorised to take samples for TL (Thermoluminescence)-tests.


Representation of Oxford Authentication Ltd. in Germany and Central Europe


Our bureau is authorised by Oxford Authentication Ltd. to take samples from terracotta objects, for example of the Han- (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.) and Tang-dynasty (618–907 A.D.), stoneware from the Song- (960–1279) or porcellaine from the Ming-dynasty (1368–1644) as well as from Western or African terracotta objects. As a scientific testing method, the thermoluminesence process (TL) is used in combination with the analysis of residues of binding material. According to the latest research in the field of TL tests it has been prooved that TL tests alone are no longer sufficient to verify the authenticity of antique pottery.

As we work for court-appointed, private assignments as well as for insurances, our bureau is authorised by Oxford Authentication Ltd. to take samples from the objects. The samples will then be send to and analysed by Oxford Authentication Ltd. We also commission radioscopic investigations.

Based on the fact that falsification of Far Eastern Art and especially of Chinese art is getting more and more ingenously sophisticated and harder to expose, the expertises are based on scientific as well as on stilistic and art historical analysis. The cooperating English institution is constantly updating its scientific methods and equipment.

We are proud to cooperate with the most renowned institute in Europe to ensure a sound verification of authenticity of antique ceramics.

We are also authorized to take samples of wooden objects for Carbon dating.



Art Space

Since its foundation in 1996 in Bremen the program of the Kunstraum Claudia Delank includes East Asian contemporary art from Japan, China and Korea as well as contemporary Western art. The art space aims to introduce young collectors to East Asian art and connoisseurs to the contemporary Western and Asian art.

Artists represented by the gallery include internationally renowned Japanese photo artist Hiroshi Sugimoto since 1998. Installation artist Chiharu Shiota, who had her first exhibition in a German gallery in 1997 at Galerie Claudia Delank represented Japan at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015. US-American artists Carl Andre and Marcia Hafif were exhibited in the gallery already in 1996.

From the year 2000 to 2011 Galerie Claudia Delank was located in a historic townhouse in the heart of Cologne, which was rebuilt as a gallery house by star architect Oswald Mathias Ungers (1926-2007) in the mid-1990s. The focus of the gallery in Cologne was on Japanese art photography and on installation art. Galerie Claudia Delank exhibited at art fairs from 2003 to 2009 at Paris Photo, Art Cologne, Cologne Fine Arts and KIAF in Seoul.

In 2011 Galerie Claudia Delank moved to Berlin-Charlottenburg, in the house where the Jewish art dealer Alfred Flechtheim (1878-1937) used to have his gallery from 1923 to 1933. Since 2011 the gallery opened up to young Japanese artists such as Hoji Tsuchiya.

Kunstraum Claudia Delank publishes regularly gallery exhibition catalogues. Lectures, screenings, artist talks, music and light performances in the garden give the gallery its special art salon atmosphere.

Apart from the gallery activities, Dr. Claudia Delank has curated exhibitions in various museums, such as The Painters of Blaue Reiter and Japan, Schloßmuseum Murnau (2011); Petits Fours and Other Paradises, the Chocolate Museum Cologne (2009); Heimatkunde, City Museum, Cologne (2009).

Dr. Claudia Delank is officially appointed as expert for Old and Contemporary East Asian Art (legal, arbitral and private expertise) by the Chamber of Commerce Berlin .